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Domains of Expertise - Chemistry glow

The chemistry and properties of materials may play a role in the causes and consequences of losses.

We have the expertise needed to understand how failures can be related to the normal use of an object or a product, and how certain external influences (such as a corrosive environment, abnormal temperatures, a contact with incompatible materials, oxidative ageing, photodegradation, and contamination) can cause behavioural problems or failures.

We can also identify whether a substitution of unsuitable materials or components had taken place during the manufacturing process and whether a manufacturer has complied with its proper manufacturing practices. With this knowledge, we can determine the possible contribution of manufacturers, distributors, dealers, installers, and users (including consumers) in failures causing losses.

In addition, our experts can determine if a type of loss – whether it be from fire (smoke or heat), flooding (excess humidity or spills), a chemical spill (vapor or particles), among other possible causes – affected a business or residential environment or the quality of a commercial or comestible product.

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