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Domains of Expertise - Civil glow

Water damage, structural failures, construction defects, fire damage, cracked foundations, unstable masonry, excessive excavations, analysis and management of construction contracts, construction standards, and defects are some examples of issues that our highly qualified and dedicated civil engineers deal with on a regular basis.

At Pyrotech BEI, the Civil Engineering Department has grown and evolved since 1999. In addition to determining the origins and causes of fires, we have developed a considerable expertise in evaluating the extent of damage. Our digital analysis software allows us to ascertain the causes and modes of failures for various types of structures. Over the course of our contracts, we have accumulated many different versions of building codes and standards, to which we refer to understand the construction history of the building.

You can expect clear answers to your questions thanks to our rigorous analysis of relevant information, a detailed examination of objective facts, and a careful research of construction codes and standards. In the event of litigation, our civil engineers will prepare an expert report which will enable you to understand the technical aspects and to make enlightened decisions.

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