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The newest and certainly the most dynamic department at Pyrotech BEI is metallurgy. Since its inception, we have linked the metallurgy and chemistry departments to ensure a corporate continuity that is distinct in the industry.

Metallurgy is the discipline that studies the physical and chemical behaviour of metals and their alloys. Knowledge of their interactions allows us to understand the causes of failures as well as other types of performance problems including corrosion, accelerated degradation, and delamination. Our desire to broaden knowledge is always done in the context of the failures so that we can integrate the general and specific aspects of the case under study.

The mandate of our Metallurgy Department is broad because we have 2 goals: to carry out our own investigations and also to support other areas of expertise at Pyrotech BEI.

Our main role is to conduct specific investigations and to understand the behaviour of metal parts or products, such as residential and industrial plumbing, water and fire suppression systems, as well as systems for distributing petroleum and many other products.

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