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Gaëtan Beaumont

Team - Electrical Engineer, CFEI glow

Electrical Engineer, CFEI

Director of the Origin and Cause Department

In 2003, Gaëtan Beaumont joined the multidisciplinary team at Pyrotech BEI as a forensic engineer, specializing in the causes of fires and electrical failures. In 1988, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Technology from École de technologie supérieure in Montreal.

Gaëtan investigates fire sites, prepares expert reports and testifies in Court. The judicial system recognizes him as an expert witness. He has over 24 years of experience as an engineer. He participates in ongoing, specialized training in order to expand his field of competence. He has conducted nearly 900 investigations. Previously, Gaëtan worked in the pulp and paper industry, process automation as well as for a railway passenger company. His tasks mainly consisted of managing projects for the Engineering and Customer Service Departments.

In his spare time, Gaëtan enjoys being outdoors with his family, away from cities. He is also passionate about carpentry, birds and craft bakery.

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