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Fire / Explosion

Areas of Expertise - Fire / Explosion glow

The Electrical Engineering Department investigates the causes of fires and explosions. It is the first and foremost department at Pyrotech BEI and remains the core of the company. Our experts have developed their expertise over the course of years by responding to the needs of increasingly complex investigations. In addition to fire dampers and explosions, many of our experts were trained on the installation of solid-burning heating systems, gas and oil-fired appliances, special equipment such as alarm and process-control systems, automated and complex electrical systems. It is increasingly common for technical investigators to work together with experts of the other departments such as civil, mechanical, metallurgical, and chemical engineering.

The Electrical Engineering Department is composed of individuals of varied experience, many of whom have been in the field for over twenty years. Many of our experts have accumulated extensive experience in court. Once they have gained experience from sustained supervision during a rigorous training program in recognized investigation methods, recruits remain in the employment of the company, which ensures personnel stability.

One of our experts' strengths consists of presenting their findings in a precise and methodical way, aware of their clients’ expectations while conscious of the fact that those who entrust us with mandates may be disappointed with the results. The solid reputation of the company for producing rigorous reports based on facts continues to be built one case at a time.

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