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The Civil Engineering Department also conducts structural analyses that deal with losses involving metal, wood or concrete structures. The investigations invariably start with the examination of the failed structure in order to collect data for dimensions, materials, manufacturing, and assembly methods. Upon these examinations, we usually find indications in the process and chronology of the failures. Thereafter, with our digital analysis software, combined with the information resulting from the examination of the structure and its components, we can determine the precise mode of failure and the cause of the loss. Our Chemistry and Metallurgical Engineering Department provides an added value to the investigation thanks to the examination of the quality or the deterioration of the materials used.

The National Building Code, as well as the standards and regulations, specifies the minimum parameters to consider during the design and construction of a structure such as snow or wind loads, for instance. What was the cause of the damage? An extraordinary load? A lack of conformity? Contact us in order to find out.

Our team can also help you with the repair of structural damage, namely in the development of a procedure for selective demolition, the design of temporary supports or the elaboration of plans and specifications for permanent reinforcement or the replacement of damaged segments.

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