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Fire protection system

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The Mechanical Engineering Department was added in 1999. Fire protection systems are also an area of expertise covered by our mechanical experts. Whether it is an undesired system activation, a component failure or an improper operation, we carry out the investigation to determine the origin of the problem that occurred. Moreover, we examine the systems in conformity with the standards in effect and good practices. The following are examples of fire protection components and systems that we examine:

  • Wet-pipe systems, with or without fire pumps;
  • Dry-pipe systems for frost-exposed environments;
  • Fire protection systems of commercial kitchens;
  • Automatic extinguisher systems of fixed or rolling equipment;
  • Automatic sprinkler heads;
  • Portable fire extinguishers;
  • Mechanisms and components associated with the activation of systems.
Let us meet your needs for a technical expertise in fire protection systems.

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