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Message from the President

Pyrotech BEI has been providing forensic engineering services since 1987. Our mainspring was and remains to provide objective advice based on a scientific approach in order to guide our clients to better manage incidents of all kinds.

Our story began with a single electrical engineer conducting fire and electrical investigations. Since then, our team has grown and includes engineers in electrical, mechanical, civil, and metallurgical/materials engineering as well as a doctor in chemistry and one in physics. Whether it is a problem related to an electrical, a mechanical and a structural failure, water damage, a vehicle accident, a plumbing and heating problem, a fire or an explosion, we can answer your questions. Our multidisciplinary service helps not only our clients but our internal members to expand their knowledge beyond their area of expertise. Our group synergy permits us to offer a range of services with internal consultation of multidisciplinary nature.

We are attentive to our industry and strive to quickly determine the problem and expose it to our clients so that they are in a better position to make the right decisions in all claims.

Finally, our reports are produced in a way as to expose the clients to what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Welcome to Pyrotech BEI!