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Alexandre Giguère

Team - Engineer and Physicist, PhD, Lévis' office glow

Engineer and Physicist, PhD, Lévis' office

PhD in physics

In 2013, Alexandre Giguère joined the multidisciplinary Pyrotech BEI team as a Physicist-Engineer and Expert in Applied Physics. He researches the origins and causes of fires and studies various failures in order to determine the probability of their implication in the disasters. In 2001, he obtained a Ph.D. in Physics during his research at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique in Grenoble, France.

Alexandre has participated in various fire investigations, water damage, mechanical failures, and he actively participates in identifying the issues related to the component parts of any disasters. He conducts post disaster investigations on the field and prepares concise expert reports.

Previously, Alexandre was very active in university research. The dexterity, investigative method and knowledge he has accumulated over the years now enable him to efficiently obtain and analyze all pertinent information. Author or co author of more than twenty scientific publications recognized internationally, Alexandre is able to study a problem, understand the issues and their causes, and to communicate his analysis through concise and accurate reports.

In winter, Alexandre practices alpine ski. In the summer, you will find him on a golf course in the region of Quebec.
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