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Martin Lefebvre

Team - Engineer Origin and Cause, Lévis' office glow

Engineer Origin and Cause, Lévis' office

Aerospace engineering

In 2022, Martin Lefebvre joined the multidisciplinary Pyrotech BEI team, as a forensic expert in the search for the causes of fires.

In 2015, he obtained a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from Polytechnic University in Montréal.

His experience in the manufacturing field, both in design, production and customer support, has allowed him to have a very good understanding of product design. Additional training in building design allowed him to develop a strong interest in the field. His curiosity guides him from one investigation to another, from one life experience to another in order to better understand what surrounds us.

In his spare time, Martin practices sailing and cycling, in addition to having a passion for the arts and music.
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