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Abdelaziz Mehamha

Team - Expert chemist and polymer specialist, PhD glow

Expert chemist and polymer specialist, PhD

Doctorate in Polymer Engineering

Abdelaziz Mehamha obtained his doctorate in 2003 as part of a joint research work between the University of Sétif in Algeria and the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. He then continued his postdoctoral studies in Germany before settling in Canada in 2009 where he worked for nearly five years as a senior researcher at the Center de Technologie Minérale et de Plasturgie (CTMP) of Thetford Mines. He then worked on his own as a technical consultant for five years before joining Pyrotech BEI's chemistry and metallurgy team in 2020.

Abdelaziz has solid knowledge in the physico-chemical characterization of plastics, in particular the mechanical, thermal and rheological behavior. He has carried out several development projects for the plastics industries in Quebec.

In his spare time, Abdelaziz is passionate about soccer and enjoys meeting friends and family.
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